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In recent years, our company has cutting press the development of innovation in science and technology, and has set up the system of completing products development, production and assembly, measurement and distribution, service and maintenance. We have increased the investment of technology alteration, and speed up the development of products demanded by market. QIANGCHENG(Huaying) Brand shoe-making machinery has formed more than 30 kinds of products and 8 series, such as blanking, chip-cutting, upper-making, compounding, stitching, finalizing the design, cutting tool, and assembly line, which has gained deeply favor from users.




Ningyan First Grade Highway crosses through the gate of our company, which is about 50 meters distance between them, only 3 kilometers from the west to Anfeng entrance and exit of Ningyan Highway, and only 20 kilometers from the east No. 204 National Highway, Xichang Railway and Tongyu River.

1. First, the upper beam of the hydraulic plane cutter machine is set flat 2, then screw the pull rod up to ensure that the teeth on both sides are as long 3. Then adjust the big nut in the middle to ensure that the hole of the big shaft and...
Automatic cutting machine is a kind of efficient cutting equipment, commonly used in textile, leather, plastic and other industries. The use of fully automatic cutting machine needs to pay attention to the following aspects: 1, safe operation. Whe...