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Shoe Lasting Machine

  • heel lasting machine

    heel lasting machine

    1. The fine-tuning device of lasting height makes adjustment easy and orientation accurate.
    2. Specifications of wiper and strap tensioner are complete and suitable for any types of shoes. The tensioner is covered with chain, so tension effect is very good.
    3. The wiper is equipped with heating device. The support of the shoe last rises and presses the second time. Finished product is flat without any angles after lasting, improving the quality of the shoes.

  • toe lasting machine

    toe lasting machine

    1. To press the toe of shoes and not to adjust stroke is so designed that ensure stable pressure.
    2. Almightiness strap tensioner and special trace of wiper can ensure that the surface of shoes close to the shoe last without any angles absolutely, therefore promoting beauty.
    3. Nine-claw spinning device is provided so that the radian of waist is more tightly against the shoe last.
    4. Pressure and speed of various mechanisms can be adjusted individually.
    5. Jaw chuck and the size of shoes can be adjusted and zoomed. Synchronous automatic adjustment is accurate and rapid.